News and Updates

Stickam chat

2010-02-19 09:04:40 by Alex

I'm doing a stickam chat this Thursday, the 25th! Come hang out and compliment my office. Remember, 4pm EST, February 25th.

Love, Alex

Want to help us out?

2010-01-29 07:52:02 by Alex

If you already own Veracity:

We need reviews! When you have a few minutes, write up a review on our new album on websites for Best Buy, FYE, Amazon, iTunes, etc. We need honest, informative reviews for people to read. Hopefully, you like the album and will recommend it to others!

As always, show it to some friends that you think will like it. Word of mouth is THE BEST way to get the word out about music, period.

If you still need to buy Veracity: 

The biggest way to help us is to go into stores like Best Buy and FYE and buy it there. If they see that it's selling in the stores, they will stock more copies and make it more available for other people to pick it up later on. If they don't have ANY in store at all, ordering it in will do the same thing. Supply and demand!

Best Buy sale

2010-01-26 15:49:38 by Alex

"Veracity" on sale at Best Buy for $4.99, now until February 23rd!